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Agrabah is where The Hero heads to after finishing the tournament at Olympus Coliseum. Once here he finds out from a street urchin named Aladdin that he spotted someone fitting the description of an Organization member heading towards the Vast Desert. The Hero quickly restocks their supplies and heads out, hot on the trail.


Agrabah is a thriving city situated in the middle of a desert. Caravans frequently travel through the city selling their goods to the local shops. One of the hottest areas in Waltier, most places specialize in the selling of light-weight clothing and other odds and ends to help keep you cool. If one is looking for anything in Waltier, you can probably find it in Agrabah for a reasonable price.


  • Aladdin's House
  • Alleyway
  • Back Streets
  • Center Street
  • Desert Gates
  • Market Street [Map Location]
  • Palace Gates
  • Rich District
  • Town Center




Aladdin is located in Aladdin's House. He's quite friendly and knowledgeable. He has information on where the Organization of Shadows member had gone. He's best friends with the Genie.



Genie is located in the Center Street. A bit of a peculiar character, his magickal knowledge far surpasses that of Merlin. As such, he can teach you Aero,Water, or Quake free of charge.

Moogle Blacksmith[]

Moogle Blacksmith.gif

Moogle Blacksmith is located in the Alleyway. This fiesty little guy is always furiously banging away on his anvil. If you bring him the right stuff he can craft you a very special weapon.


On Market Street you can find Rare Wonders which sells specialized equipment for physical and magickal attackers, as well as a variety of Arts and Sleights.


Sprite Name Lv Hp Mp Str Def Mag Spr Spd Dex Eva Drop
Bandit.gif Bandit 10 49 2 10 6 1 4 10 7 3 Broken Saber (35%)
Shadow.gif Shadow 8 33 4 8 3 4 3 10 6 6 Dull Shard (77%)
Yellow Opera.gif Yellow Opera 9 37 10 1 4 10 7 6 2 5 Dull Shard (60%)


  • When you enter Agrabah you should first head to see Aladdin at his house.
  • Aladdin will ask you to go meet with Genie.
    • Genie will teach you Water, Aero, or Quake for free.
  • Genie will then tell you to return to Aladdin, and Aladdin will cough up the information.
  • Head to the Desert Gates and you will now be able to travel to the Vast Desert