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The Cornerstone of Light is a very powerful magicked item. Originally thought to have been crafted by King Mickey, the Cornerstone actually existed on Waltier before any settlements were erected. In fact, Disney Castle was built around the Cornerstone to keep it safe.


No one knows where the Cornerstone came from or what it exactly was created for...

Protection of Waltier

The Cornerstone has bathed Waltier in light for as long as anyone can remember. This light reaches all parts of Waltier and maintains law and peace. This effectively erased evil intentions within all of the Waltier continent, which was once consumed by strife. The theft of the Cornerstone has plunged Waltier into slowly forming chaos. Those already teetering on the edge of darkness are falling over quickly, such as the Cheshire Cat, while those more pure of heart are seemingly unaffected by this turn of events.

The King of Disney Castle fears greatly for the safety of Waltier and has enlisted the aid of many powerful allies in an attempt to regain control of the Cornerstone and to quickly bring it back to the basement of Disney Castle.