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Location Lv HP MP Str Def Mag Spr Spd Dex Eva
Shadowed Woods 16 84 22 7 11 17 16 14 10 15
Known Magick Loot Dropped
Quake.gif Black Arts : Quake
ARTS green faith.gif Green Arts : Faith
CMPT essence darkessence.gif Dark Essence (75%)

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Shadowed Woods[]

  • Darkened Offshoot
  • Dead End
  • Dead Forest
  • Empty Clearing
  • Foggy Pathway
  • Lonely Road
  • Untraveled Path


  • Shortsword.gif Shortsword


Diminuendos pack a powerful Quake attack which is difficult to mitigate. Be wary of them casting Faith to further boost the damage they can deal. Their defensive stats leave much to be desired, though a physical attacker may have a difficult time cutting through its Evade stat. It is best advised to take down the Diminuendo as quickly as possible, using your strongest spells and sleights to cut it out of the picture. A risky fighter could fight with double its speed and cut it down twice as quickly, though the sacrifices which are made for that tactic are generally not worth it. Outlasting its Mana is another option to employ, though it is a very time-consuming approach to this fight, especially with its two Ethers to get through.


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