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The World of the Inferno[]

Links are provided to each individual area. Virtual maps are listed therein, and each will provide details on which areas are connected within. NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) are listed for each area, as are shops and rest areas.

Chapter 1 Areas[]

Chapter 2 Areas[]

Coming soon!!

Basic Guidelines[]

  1. This is not meant to be used to cheat your way through a certain area, nor is it a walkthrough for the game; rather, it is here for the players who are new to the Inferno or who get easily lost trying to find their way back to a shop or boss.
  2. As such, some of these areas will be ones you have not explored yet, so I feel it necessary to issue a word of warning: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!
  3. If you click on a link to a area you have not been, you are to blame for your own actions.
  4. Several people took a lot of care providing information here. Please be courteous: if there is something you feel has been left out, verify it with someone else before you edit the information.